Mind Full Learners  A curriculum that will engage and promote resilience 

  Reduce anxiety... enjoy the present moment. Education that ignites passion and enquiry. 

  Mindfulness and Meditation for Children and Adults in Hampshire

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Mind Full Learners uses a combination of meditation and mindfulness activities tailored to meet the needs of each client and set them up with tools for life.. Please take a moment to explore my site....



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Be resilient, understand feelings, celebrate the present moment.

Self Esteem, Confidence & Emotional Balance

I use bespoke relaxation, breathing exercises & activities that fit the needs of each individual client can explore for their own unique concerns in their own time.

I also encourage the use of massage and reflexology with sessions as this allows clients to think in terms of  mind and body which gives them complete control and understanding of what is going on for them.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Children are encouraged to explore positive affirmations, creative responses & practical experiments that demonstrate how they can improve resilience, confidence & listening skills.

Meditation relieves stress, aids sleep & creates balancing hormones within the brain which can help with focus, concentration & regulating blood pressure which all help towards better happiness in school settings and everyday life.

Finding focus, finding calm.

Executive Function & Emotional Resilience

I am fully trained in MISP's Paws b, dot b and dot b Foundations. I am also a qualified Calm Kids tutor under the wonderful guidance of Lorraine Elizabeth Murray.  I have trained on retreats in France,  England and America and qualified with MBCT certification. My latest education in the world of neuroscience and neuro-plasticity has opened up even more in the world of present moment living, taking in the good and holding on to it.

I use all this to help

Young Adults & Adults improve executive function & repeated negative behavioural patterns so they can reach their aspirations in life & education. 

Mindfulness enhances relationships  & fosters relaxation & an overall sense of well-being.