Mind Full Learners  A curriculum that will engage and promote resilience 

  Reduce anxiety... enjoy the present moment. Education that ignites passion and enquiry. 

  Mindfulness and Meditation for Children and Adults in Hampshire

Client Testimonials

Interview with Vickie Farrow, Head Teacher, Froxfield Primary, Hampshire:

What has it meant to Froxfield to have access to these resources?

"We us the techniques with individuals and groups, it has up-skilled the teachers and LSA's and Sam gives on-going support brining in new research and ideas."

How has the course fitted in with the existing curriculum?

"It is integral to the curriculum; we use techniques to ensure children are ready to learn."

Has it had any impact on teaching?

"It has improved learning behaviours, reduced stress levels and has created a calmer classroom environment."

Has the course had any impact on behaviour?

"It has helped our pupils understand how and why they are feeling in different ways, for example, how the brain works."

"We have been able to implement strategies so our pupils are able to understand feelings and behaviours."

"The course really helped my son with his anxiety over his exams.

"It helped a lot," Charlie, 10.  "It calmed me down in the class when I felt wobbly." Logan, 9.   "It was fun," Kayla, 8.  
"Megan loves the classes," Lisa, Parent.
"They are amazing! Anthony loves them." Emma, Parent and Teacher

"She likes the singing bowl."  - Stacy, Parent

"He really loved the course....He loved the snack meditation." Laura - Parent at Froxfield School

I have never seen her so relaxed - Emma - Parent Froxfield School

"He would ask me to sit on a cushion and replicate it after each session." Parent 

"He loved it - He absolutely loved it...".     Anna - Parent to Fred (6 years old)

"Isla still talks about that... she loved it."  Jody - Parent of Isla (5)


"I like the mind jar - it makes me feel better."   Akira (10)

"Mindfulness is sunny" - Beau 5 years old

"Mindfulness is happy" Freya 10 years old

Mindfulness means calm" Leo 4 years old

"Noticing your feelings" - Charlie 11 years old

"Mindfulness is joyful and means having time you don't normally have." Sedona 9 years old

"He's gone from hating English to loving it - He was predicted a D/E( 2)  in mocks and got an A in GCSE!" - Kath L Mum September 2017 

“[Mindfulness] is a way of understanding and being aware of feelings… . Mindfulness has helped me before homework because it relaxes me so I do a good job with my homework.” 10 year old

"What I felt was that I was just closing my eyes and the whole room was silent. I felt peace. " 15 year old

“Excited. Golden. Ticklish.” —Mindfulness “haiku” written by a 9 year old Mindfulness in Schools participant, California

Thank you so much for all of your help and support towards my English Literature. The exam went really well(and didn't ruin my birthday!). Will


"Thank you, not only have you helped me but you have helped my relationship with my daughter and helped me to teach her not to have the same hang ups. To move on and enjoy the next chapter in our lives!" - Elizabeth - Pharmacy Manager

"I am smoking less, sleeping better and my husband has already told me he has noticed a difference!" - Nicolette - Horse trainer

"I now have a few practices to use when the stress gets too much and they immediately balance things out again" - 

David - Pilot