Mind Full Learners  A curriculum that will engage and promote resilience 

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  Mindfulness and Meditation for Children and Adults in Hampshire

The Awakened Mind

The Awakened Mind is like the full moon that soars across the immense sky. When the river of mind is truly calm, the moon is reflected perfectly upon the surface of the deep waters - Thich Naht Hanh

Parents are very much part of their children's mindfulness journey and I invite you to come and share a session with your child. We all know how fragmented and tricky our lives can be, multi tasking and never finding the time to do anything for ourselves - here is the test - when did you last say, "I just don't have the time" ? If you make this journey, I can show you how mindfulness can become part of your everyday routine. You do not have to change anything drastically, mindfulness will allow you to notice the present moment and enhance your life and the life of those you take with you....


A Note on Multi Tasking