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I will post new information here regularly regarding interesting research and articles I think you may be interested in reading. These posts are for parents, those in the teaching profession and anyone interested in the health and well being of our children, young adults and ourselves.

You may choose these articles to read in your lunchbreak, coffee break or just a one time visit. Either way you are already half way there as you have chosen to consider the present moment. You are already on your path. Feels good doesnt it?


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Impact of teaching staff and children at school latest evidence

Posted on 25 September, 2017 at 0:15 Comments comments (0)

Here are details of the impact of teaching Paws B on 7-11 year olds “I use mindfulness practices to give me energy, I have lots of activities after school and doing breathing practices has helped me to focus and enjoy each one instead of feeling scared all the time.” “I was inspired by my teacher for teaching me how to do mindfulness that I actually wanted to try and do a session with my family and since then I've noticed they've made a massive improvement by being calm, all thanks to mindfulness.” “Paws b helps me I am about to perform or if I am in an argument, in or out of school. Even if just I am worried about something, it helps me to concentrate and feel happier.” “I hope that children in the future will find Paws b as useful as I did. Thank you for everything!” “Recently a Year 5 girl removed herself from class as she faced an academic challenge that she felt was too great. I found her outside her classroom practicing the finger breathing technique.” “Lots of pupils used the petal practice or finger breathing at home to help them sleep and several parents explained that their children have taught them (and siblings) how to do the various practices.”

Exam Stress and post Exam Stress

Posted on 28 May, 2017 at 16:05 Comments comments (1)

I like to think it is my job to help clients of all ages find their stasis. Their place of well-being. I like to facilitate a better understanding of the mind and body connection - this can start from as early as 4 - I am trained in mindfulness and meditation for children and adults - my children and I practice every day. 

I have been nurturing and supporting my GCSE English students through a very concentrated intense couple of months ready for these exams. 

Although the English curriculum is absolutely brilliant in terms of content and scope, it is a tough time for students trying to remember what to revise, what are the best techniques, language devices, what the examiners want for top marks, timings, texts that need memorising, what to leave in and what to take out.... 

What is even harder for students now is trying to incorporate a healthy approach and tune in to what they really need - what works is not burnout but a good understanding of mental, physical and emotional nourishment for peak performance. This is my ob. A job I absolutely love.

The more students understand what strategies work for them, practices they can use that are simple and reduce their sympathetic nervous system so they can optimise their concentration and understanding and what to avoid, the better prepared they are for the final exam weeks; furthermore, all these techniques are things that will help them in their future careers and personal relationships.

This is a better approach to learning - which should be fun, awe inspiring, a journey in the present, not one filled with anxiety, comparison with others, sleep deprivation, lack of nourishment mentally and physically - there are so many parents out there like my husband and I who really feel for our growing children and teens, that would give anything to make their childrens and teens lives as awesome and safe and loved and exciting as they can be - one filled with brilliant stuff to find out about, filled with compassion and a good understanding of what they need themselves. A life that is filled with intention to care for all living things and support those less fortunate and use their education to do something good - 

Exams shouldn't be a fear, a block, a worry, they should be a chance to demonstrate al the amazing things they have just learned - okay so I adore English but... I know Maths can be the same, I know Geography is amazing now and the Science curriculum is finally drawing our girls in - Yes! We want our children to make the most of themselves to create a better world.

I am here to tell all parents and carers of those going through SATs and GCSE's and A Levels, it's okay, there is a way forward that will mean they do their best - but they do need to be helped to understand what they need and given strategies that are appropriate for them - whatever their needs - mindfulness and meditation is incredibly important for this - there are no floaty kaftans, not much incense - although I do use some essential oils which are natural facilitators where necessary, just a total focus on the client.

I love what I do.

Just for Today.....

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Just for today, allow yourself to only give yourself affirmations.

I love and accept myself.

I am strong and courageous.

I am worthy of love, kindness and respect.

I am proud of my achievements.

Just a few.

But of course, you may have your own - allow yourself to say them - give yourself permission.

Stuck in traffic? On a bus? In a queue? Watching the kids at their club? Say them quietly to yourself. Just you


Learn to be Quiet

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You do not need to do anything.

Remain sitting at your table and listen.
You need not even listen, just wait.
You need not even wait,
just learn to be quiet,still and solitaruy.
And the world will freely offer itself to you unmasked.
It has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

Aphorism 106, "Senses" - Franz Kafka's Diaries (1883-1924)

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Word of the day......


Have you ever heard Thich Naht Hanh say it? It's amazing!

It's my favourite word (next to Chocolate and Marmite)  :lol:

The signs of anxiety might be missed...

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We tend to think that anxiety is quite overt, that you can spot it in other people and in yourself quite quickly; however, recently, with more awareness being made of mental health issues, it is becoming clear that many children (much earlier than we had recognised), teens and adults are suffering with conditions that are debilitating and stopping them (sometimes with tragic consequences) from living their lives.

A lot of the training I have learned comes back to the need for deep listening and compassions and kindness, not just to others but for ourselves. Of course one of the many wonderful qualities of the mindfulness currriculum (which is life long learning) is that it teaches us to be aware of how harsh we judge ourselves and the exhaustitive nature of our chattering minds.

Awareness of the needs of others and the need for compassion for your self is a key component of the mondfulness journey. There are so many good teachers out there, a few I have been very lucky to learn from.

I will publish material here that I think may help you and your loved ones; material that may provide a few answers and select articles that may lead you to new discoveries. Please do leave feedback  or contact me. It is really important to raise thee dialogues so that people of all ages feel they have a community.

Meditate we shall

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An interesting little show on meditation

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Enjoy this little info film xxx